Blackstar Artist 30 - 30W 2x12 inch Combo Amp

IDR 11,000,000.00 15,800,000.00


A Powerful Amp for Any Gig

Blackstar's Artist 30 30-watt tube combo amplifier is based on their boutique Artisan series, but with added features to make the Artist 30 ready for any gig. The two independent channels deliver clean to gritty crunch tones. Features like onboard reverb, a series effects loop, and Blackstar's patented ISF control let you tweak your tones. And the Artist 30 was built from the ground up to work great with your favorite pedals. The Blackstar Artist 30 will be your go-to amp for all of your performance, session, and rehearsal needs.

Blackstar Artist 30 30-watt Tube Combo Electric Guitar Amplifier at a Glance:
  • US to UK, clean to grit
  • The features you need for the gig you're on
  • A great platform for your pedals
US to UK, clean to grit

The Artist 30 comes with two independently voiced channels to seamlessly switch between clean and crunch tones. The 6L6 power tubes deliver a glassy, American-style tone to the clean channel. The dirty channel will take you through British crunch and drive. Using a boost or overdrive on this channel will easily take you into high-gain territory. And two 12" Celestion V-type speakers impart a balanced mixture of vintage and modern tones, with just the right amount of cut.

The features you need for the gig you're on

Sweetwater guitarists know that modern players need quick access to many different tones. The Artist 30 is loaded with features to ensure these sounds are easily attainable. You'll get maximum clarity for your time-based effects in the series effects loop. Blackstar's patented ISF control shifts the character of the amplifier's tone stack between British and American voices. And the onboard reverb can add a touch of ambience to your guitar tone or spill into surf-type washes.

A great platform for your pedals

Blackstar designed their Artist series amplifiers with your pedals in mind. Both channels are engineered to work extremely well with all sorts of different effects. The clean channel is a blank canvas for any of your favorite drives, fuzzes, distortions, or any other pedals. The dirty channel loves being pushed harder by boosts and overdrives. And the series effects loop allows you to get the most out of your delays, choruses, reverbs, and more.

Blackstar Artist 30 30-watt Tube Combo Electric Guitar Amplifier Features:
  • 30-watt tube combo that will work at most gigs
  • Clean and crunch channels deliver varying shades of gain
  • 2 x 12" Celestion V-type speakers offer warm British tones
  • Series effects loop is ideal for time-based effects
  • Onboard reverb
  • ISF control tailors the character of your tone
If you need one amp to do it all, the Blackstar Artist 30 may be your amp.
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