AIRSTEP Smart Multi Controller

IDR 3,200,000.00


Features :

  • Send all types of MIDI messages via 5-Pin, USB, Bluetooth output
  • Send all types of HID messages via Bluetooth
  • Send footswitch actions to devices with the footswitch control input
  • Send up to 8 different messages with one trigger
  • Press, release, long-press trigger actions of the footswitch
  • Toggle mode of the footswitch and LED indicator
  • 5 footswitches and 5 wireless extension footswitches (with AIRSTEP Lite)
  • Firmware can be upgraded via mobile phone
  • AIRSTEP Lite for Bluetooth MIDI and HID control
  • 2 expression pedal input, support both TRS and RTS type
  • Intuitive mobile APP editor and status indicator
  • Unique USB HOST mode
  • Unique MIDI trigger technology
  • All MIDI in can thru to all MIDI out
  • 30 meters (100') wireless communication range
  • 300 hours of wireless freedom between charges
  • Robust aluminum extruded shell

Specification :

MIDI Out :

  • Bluetooth MIDI out
  • USB host MIDI out with 5V power out
  • USB device MIDI out
  • 5-Pin MIDI out x 2
  • Send all kinds MIDI messages


  • Bluetooth MIDI in
  • USB host MIDI in with 5V power out
  • USB device MIDI in
  • 5-Pin MIDI in
  • MIDI in can through to all MIDI out
  • MIDI in with CC and PC, can trigger to all message types

HID Out :

  • Bluetooth HID out
  • Send all kinds HID messages of keyboard

Footswitch Out :

  • Footswitch out x 4 on 2 ¼" TRS jacks
  • Momentary and latching action support

Expression pedal In :

  • Expression pedal in x 2
  • Support all expression pedal types
  • Send MIDI CC messages to all MIDI out

LED Indicator :

  • System LED x 1
  • Individual footswitch LED x 5
  • Blue and Green
  • Normal and toggle mode


  • No 5-Pin MIDI interface
  • No footswitch out
  • No USB
  • No expression pedal input
  • Only has Bluetooth MIDI and HID out
  • Can be used as a wireless extension footswitch for AIRSTEP

Footswitches :

  • Footswitches x 5
  • Footswitch action assignable to press, release and long-press

Message Send :

  • Message can be triggered by footswitches, MIDI in and expression pedal
  • Message type: MIDI, HID, Footswitch, Device
  • Send up to 8 messages in one trigger
  • Each message can assign different physical output interfaces
  • Normal and toggle message mode

APP Editor :

  • Each MIDI trigger and footswitch message can be flexibly edited by APP
  • Connect to AIRSTEP by Bluetooth
  • iOS and Android support
  • All editable data can be saved as presets
  • Unlimited number of presets can be saved and loaded into AIRSTEP
  • XSONIC library of presets for all your favorite devices

AIRSTEP Local Preset :

  • Up to 5 presets can be stored in AIRSTEP locally
  • Local preset can be switched by all triggers, FUNC button, and APP
  • Local presets can work without APP

Battery Power Supply :

  • AIRSTEP is battery powered and rechargeable by 5V - 9V DC
  • 300 hours of continuous use
  • USB power supply current can't exceed 150mA.

Firmware :

  • Firmware can be updated by Bluetooth and USB

Wireless Communication Distance :

  • 30m (100') line of sight(LOS), between AIRSTEP and phone, tablet, computer
  • 30m (100') line of sight(LOS), between AIRSTEP and AIRSTEP Lite

Bluetooth Communication Latency :

  • 10ms, between AIRSTEP and AIRSTEP Lite
  • 20ms, between AIRSTEP and smart devices

Appearance :

  • Robust aluminum extruded shell
  • Rotatable and detachable external antenna
  • 300 x 70 x 45(H) mm
  • AIRSTEP 700g | AIRSTEP Lite 650g

Compatible Device :

  • IOS device:iOS 10 and above
  • Mac device:OS X 10.6 and above
  • Android device:Android 7.0 and above
  • Windows device:Windows 10
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