Cort B4FL MHPZ Open Pore Trans Black Burst

IDR 6,870,000.00


Blackwood top
on Mahogany Chamber body
with F hole
The Blackwood top on chambered Mahogany body with the F-hole exudes a classy look while delivering a deep, organic and punchy low-end sound.

B4FL MHPZ Feature
Jatoba Fingerboard
(Lined Fretless)
The Jatoba fretless fingerboard plays super smooth and true and has black markers for fret positions that will surely be appreciated by novices as well as experienced players.

B4FL MHPZ Feature
Hipshot® Ultralite Tuners
B4FL MHPZ is equipped with Hipshot Ultralite Tuners (classic 20:1 tuning ratio) that is made of cast zinc with aluminum strings posts and mounting nuts, resulting in 30% weight reduction over other regular tuners and which results in improved balance and tuning accuracy.

B4FL MHPZ Feature
Thumb rest
The thumb rest has been carefully placed on the body surface to allow the bassist to easily employ the right-hand finger-picking techniques.

B4FL MHPZ Feature
Fishman® Powerbridge
The Fishman Powerbridge piezo pickups provide a very natural acoustic tone from the bass that can be used alone or in conjunction with the passive electric bass pickup.

B4FL MHPZ Feature
2 Volume & 2 Tone Control
The two volume and two tone controls facilitates individual and independent use of the traditional electric bass pickup and piezo pickup sounds or for a blend of the two to the player’s taste for exceptional tonal versatility.

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