Cort GA5F-BW NS in Natural Satin

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GA5F-BW Feature
Solid Red Cedar Top
Compared to spruce, cedar is a bit mellower and warmer. The midrange is slightly accentuated with a sweeter top-end, making cedar ideal for players who fingerpick a lot and prefer a slightly rounder and fuller sound.

GA5F-BW Feature
Genuine Bone Nut & Saddle
Crafted out of water buffalo bone for the most natural and transparent transfer of string vibrational energy into the bo

GA5F-BW Feature
1 ¾” (45mm) Nut Width
A slightly wider nut width that makes it easier for fingerstyle playing.

GA5F-BW Feature
Australian Blackwood Back & Sides
Australian Blackwood is like a combination of the low-mids of mahogany, the brightness of maple and the rich overtones of rosewood. This versatility makes blackwood stand out for both fingerstyle playing or strumming as well as being a perfect match for the Cedar top. Top solid construction is featured on this model.

GA5F-BW Feature
Ebony Bridge Pin
To complement the bone saddle, the Grand Regal Series features ebony bridge pins for enhanced string vibration and a more natural and lush sound.

GA5F-BW Feature
Fishman Presys EQ
3-Band EQ, LED Tuner, and Phase control offers sonic flexibility as well as convenience for a variety of playing situations where amplification is needed.

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