Enormous Gigbag Emergency Strap Gitar

IDR 1,399,000.00


Material Gigbag Premium with features :

- Water Resistant

Each of Enormous gigbag uses high-tech performance fabric that allows the bag to repel high
pressure water spray.

- 360° Protection
Our gigbags use a supermemory foam that can withstand high impact and protect your

- Adjustable Pad System
For safety of your instrument, an adjustable neck rest is placed inside the gig bag.

- Inside cover with anti - Scratch protection
More protection for your instruments body to prevent scratches while seated inside the case.

- Reverse Coil Zipper by YKK
The meticulous design of its zipper prevents it from getting stuck and acts as a dust shield.

- Quick Adjust System
Flexibility to adjust the bag towards the height of its users instantly.

- Bartack Stitch
A stitch made to strengthen a potential weak spot in garment that makes our products moe

- Ergonomic design
Our products are developed and designed based on users experience, and adjusted to their
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