Epiphone Brendon Small GhostHorse Explorer Outfit - Galaktikon Burst

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An Epiphone Explorer Born in the Fire of a Horse’s Ghost

Metalocalypse-creator and modern guitar master, Brendon Small has unleashed a phantom firestorm of equine insanity with the Epiphone Brendan Small Ghosthorse Explorer! The Ghosthorse Explorer riffs on its classically inspired body shape, featuring push-pull pots for splitting the coils of its two brawny BurstBucker pickups. Ripping hot leads? Laying down heavy slabs of power chords? You’re covered — this hard rocker is a horse for every course! The Brendon Small Ghosthorse Explorer boasts a resonant mahogany body, 1960s SlimTaper mahogany neck with a bound ebony fingerboard, Grover Mini Rotomatic Tuners, and a Floyd Rose tremolo for maximum horse diving action. Grab the Epiphone Brendon Small Ghosthorse Explorer, plug in, crank up, and burn the earth with fire blacker than the blackest black!

BurstBuckers serve up old-school hard rock and heavy metal sounds

The Brendon Small Ghosthorse Explorer owes its brutal, bone-rattling tone to a duo of Gibson USA BurstBucker pickups. Fashioned after Seth Lover’s iconic PAF pickups, BurstBuckers have a solid low-end, harmonically dense mid-range, and clear, articulate highs. Pushed hard into a tube amp, BurstBucker’s churn out the time-tested crunch tones and thick distortion that is a staple of old-school hard rock and heavy metal.

Coil-tap switches expand the Ghosthorse’s tonal offerings

To put his own twist on the original Gibson Explorer design, Brendon Small equipped the Ghosthorse Explorer with two push/pull volume knobs for coil-splitting the BurstBuckers. Keep it chunky with the ‘buckers for rhythm playing, then flip over to single-coils for stinging leads. The added tonal flexibility makes the Ghosthorse Explorer an excellent stage guitar, letting you switch up your sound in an instant!

Smooth and fast 1960s SlimTaper “D” Neck Profile

Introduced in the 1960s, the SlimTaper “D” profile neck was speedier than its 1950s predecessor but still had enough heft for comfortable chording. The Ghosthorse Explorers’s mahogany neck features this satisfying profile, and it’s capped with a bound ebony fingerboard, 24 jumbo frets, and a Galaktikon-inspired spaceship inlay at the twelfth fret.

Epiphone Brendon Small Ghosthorse Explorer Outfit Electric Guitar Features:

  • Special edition Epiphone Explorer from Brendon Small, the creator of Metalocalypse
  • All-mahogany Explorer body boasts incredible sustain and tone
  • Dual Gibson BurstBucker pickups with push/pull coil taps for both humbucking and single-coil tone
  • 1960s SlimTaper "D" neck profile plays fast and smooth, perfect for metal
  • Gig bag included

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