Epiphone Goerge Thorogood White Fang ES-125TDC with Case in Bone White

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Thorogood Signature ES-125 with ProBucker P-90s

A cutaway ES-125 has been, and will always be, the heart of George Thorogood’s thick, crunchy, low-down blues-rock guitar tone. The limited-edition Epiphone George Thorogood White Fang looks to one of George’s prized midcentury Gibsons for its visual and tonal inspiration. The White Fang begins with George’s preferred ES-125 architecture — the lightweight archtop hollow single-cut design with dog ear P-90 pickups — and adds to them George’s artist touches: a (bad to the) bone-white finish, ivory-buttoned Wilkinson Deluxe tuners, and a Thorogood cobra decal that you can apply wherever you like. The White Fang’s custom mahogany neck profile has George’s name written all over it — literally. A headstock-back dark gold silkprint signature reminds you of this guitar's rock ’n’ roll heritage every time you pick it up. Take it from guitarists : For blues slide to hard-edged rock crunch and beyond, the Epiphone George Thorogood White Fang ES-125 delivers style and tone in a way that other hollows, even those costing several times more, can’t.

Note: This limited-edition guitar won’t be around forever. Order your George Thorogood White Fang while supplies last.

ProBucker P-90 pickups

True to their ProBucker name, the P-90s in the George Thorogood White Fang look to the original Seth Lover design as their gold standard. Alnico V magnets and period-correct pole shoes, magnet wire, and tin-plated brass base plates equip these pickups for golden-era cleans to overblown rock uproar. Each pickup’s independent volume and tone controls come crowned with silver-insert gold top hat knobs, just like a true ’50s original.

ES-125 hollowbody design

George’s love affair with the ES-125 stems back to his earliest electric guitars. An acoustic player, George was drawn to the “semi-electric” design. The 125’s arched top and resonance-enhancing F-holes provided the perfect platform for his unique thumb-and-fingerpicked style. It also sounded great broken up with a slide — a feature that would be pivotal to his and the Destroyers’ full-band sound. George’s signature White Fang sees Gibson’s hollowbody design rendered in laminated maple for a musically rich tone at great savings to the consumer.

Includes case and hand-signed COA

The George Thorogood White Fang includes a custom-designed hardshell case with faux-snakeskin handle and internal compartment, along with a certificate of authenticity hand-signed by George himself and a static cling cobra sticker. Both for the collector and the player, this one-of-a-kind package is one you won’t want to miss out on.

"When I played it, 1,000 ideas popped into my head. This was just the guitar for me. [It's] the only guitar I want to play." — George Thorogood recalls his first experience with the ES-125.

Epiphone George Thorogood White Fang ES-125 Hollowbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Based on Thorogood’s beloved 1950s Gibson ES-125
  • Limited edition — includes case, signed COA, and Thorogood cobra decal (optional — ships in case)
  • The perfect platform for fingerpicking and slide work
  • Gorgeous tone unplugged, clean, and overdriven
  • Laminated archtop maple body with cream binding
  • Generous cutaway yields unfettered fret access
  • ProBucker P-90 Alnico V pickups made to Seth Lover spec
  • Wilkinson Deluxe tuners with ivory buttons
  • Custom Thorogood-profile mahogany neck with pau ferro fingerboard and classic dot inlays
  • Matching pau ferro floating bridge
  • Silkprint George Thorogood signature headstock back

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