Fender FSR Bassbreaker 30R Tube Combo Amplifier Lacquered Tweed 230V EU

IDR 17,450,000.00


Ripping a page from the supercharged high-gain distortion and spacious reverb of the popular Bassbreaker 15, the 30-watt Bassbreaker 30R adds full channel switching capability to allow for precise, individual control over your clean and distorted tones—while the built-in effects loop offers yet another dose of custom-tailored personality to your sound. Boasting a single 12” Celestion V-Type speaker, this easily portable combo amp packs quite the punch of distinctively crunchy Bassbreaker tone. Let the EL84 tubes sparkle with a nuanced clean tone, incinerate a path of destruction with fiery midrange distortion—or anything in between—with uncanny responsiveness to pick attack and control settings from mid-to high-gain. On stage or in the studio, the raw power is in your hands.

Features :

  • Lacquered Tweed Covering
  • Bassman Grille Cloth
  • Black Chicken Head Knobs
  • Brown Leather Handle

Specifications :

Amp Type Tube combo amplifier
Power 30-watt 
Speaker Single 12” 8-ohm Celestion V-Type speaker
Channels Two separate channels based on the Bassbreaker 15 and 18/30
Power Tubes Four EL84 
Preamp Tubes Three 12AX7 
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