Fender FSR Super Champ X2 Fawn Cajun Combo Tube Amplifier

IDR 8,050,000.00


Fender FSR Super Champ X2 Fawn Cajun Combo Amplifier

This limited edition Fender Super Champ X2 - dubbed the Fawn Cajun, is a modern-flavored Champ - featuring a fawn tolex covering, and an upgraded Eminence Ragin Cajun speaker. The Super Champ X2 is a 6v6 and 12AX7 tube amp, also loaded with a wide variety of digital effects and amp voicings. It's a simple and toneful amp!

  • 2 Channels
  • Power: 15 watts
  • Class A / B
  • Tubes: 2x 6V6 tubes and 1x 12AX7 tubes
  • Speaker assembly: Eminence Ragin Cajun 10" Speaker
  • Controls for: Volume1, Channel Select, Gain, Volume 2, Voice, Treble, Bass, F / X Adjust, F / X Select, Tap
  • 15 Effects with setting options: TAP, tempo, delay time / modulation
  • Connection for an external loudspeaker
  • Line output
  • USB output for speaker-emulated digital recording (software as free download)
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