Fender Japan Aerodyne Stratocaster Medium Scale HSS Gun Metal Blue

USD 14,960,000.00


The Aerodyne Strat is equipped with a thunderous set of pickups with a Dragster BB in the bridge, and two ST-Single Coil pickups in the neck and middle positions. By having a combination of a humbucker and two single-coil pickups, you have an expansive range of tones at your fingertips, from the quintessential Fender Strat sound to hard, crunchy rock or even smooth blues and jazz.

The FSR Aerodyne has a simple interface with Master Volume and two-tone controls accompanied by a 5-way pickup switch blade.

Fender have chosen a vintage style S5D synchronized tremolo bridge with standard steel saddles to provide sustain for this Special Run Strat. The added tremolo with "whammy bar" bolsters the tonality of the guitar, allowing for even more sonic expression.

The headstock is kitted out with dependable Gotoh SD91-NI tuners that, along with the tremolo bridge and bone string nut, work wonderfully to uphold tuning integrity with precision.

Fender Japan have given the Aerodyne a sleek Gun Metal Blue finish, complemented by a protective and decorative black pickguard. The Fender FSR Japan Aerodyne Stratocaster is a limited edition well worthy of adding to your guitar collection.

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