Gretsch G2220 Electromatic Junior Jet Bass II Walnut Stain

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Shorter scale neck is easier to play
The Gretsch Junior Jet Bass II scale length has a lot of advantages, especially if you like bending and a little more trebly, throaty sound. A shorter scale also lets you do things you can't do on your 34-inch bass (at least, that you can't do as easily), like effortless leaps of six frets without changing position, which makes this bass perfect for fast playing. But it's the tone you'll really love.

Gretsch Junior Jet Bass II Guitar Features:
Short-scale bass with big tone
Mini humbuckers provide a deep, organic bass sound
30.3" scale length is perfect for smaller hands and fast fretwork
Walnut fretboard has a 12" radius, flatter for faster playability
Basswood body is lightweight and comfortable to wear

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