Hotone Ampero Amp Modeler and Effects Processor

IDR 6,600,000.00


Hotone Ampero Amp Modeler/Effects Processor Features:

Amp modeler/effects processor/USB audio interface for electric, acoustic-electric, and bass guitar
24-bit signal processing with up to 120dB S/N ratio ensures top-shelf sound
18-volt DC high-voltage power supply produces a huge dynamic range
New-gen CDCM HD and F.I.R.E. systems deliver ultra-realistic modeling
Core-Dual-DSP platform enables 9 simultaneous effects
Includes 64 amp models, 60 cab models, 100+ pedal models, 50+ Hotone effects, and 198 presets
Features spot-on mic simulations with variable positioning
Bolster your sound library with user-custom and third-party IRs
Full-color, 4", 800 x 480 touchscreen is incredibly intuitive
Dive deep with Hotone’s free Ampero editor software
Built-in drum machine with 100 patterns makes practicing fun
Built-in looper with 120 seconds of recording time
4 assignable footswitches and integrated expression pedal
Rugged, lightweight aluminum housing
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