Ibanez AG75 Hollowbody in Brown Sunburst

IDR 6,500,000.00


Whether you're a Monster of Rock or a Cool Kat for Jazz (or anything in between!), the Ibanez guitar range is full of guitars that you'll love. Ibanez guitars combine innovative designs with classic good looks, and throughout the entire range the value for money is outstanding. It's no wonder that so many influential players like Steve Vai, George Benson, Joe Satriani and Pat Metheny all use Ibanez guitars.

Quality Build

The AG75 has been a part of the Ibanez catalogue since 2002 and has built up a name as a workhorse of a semi-hollow guitar that will not break the bank. While with some brands when you see a guitar at this price point you can't expect much with Ibanez you are getting spectacular value for money. With an all maple body attached to a mahogany neck topped with rosewood this guitar has the classic hollow jazz box sound that you have been looking for. Powerful enough to stand out on its own in a mix but not too boomy to ruin a larger bands sound the AG75 is a real workhorse of a guitar.

Sweet Smooth Buckers

Of course if this guitar is going for a sweet and smooth jazz sound it has to have pickups that can deliver that through your amplifier. That is why Ibanez have fitted this with their Classic Elite pickups that have a rich tone and a fat low end that really makes the most of the maple hollowbody design. This makes it perfect for pop, blues and jazz where clarity is key. 

Here's what Ibanez say about the AG75

Classic shapes with modern construction and appointments. Just one look at the figured bubinga top of the new AGS83BBGNTF confirms how Ibanez takes a familiar shape, adds new finishes, woods and hardware to create our own ‘legends-in-the-making.' Our AG body size offers a slightly smaller width than the AF traditional dimensions, but with the same depth.

Neck:   Artcore set-in neck 
Neck Type:   Artcore Set-In 
Body:   Maple top/back/sides 
Frets:   Large frets 
Fingerboard:   Bound Rosewood 
Inlay:   Pearl Block 
Bridge:   ART1 bridge 
NeckPU:   ACH1 neck pu 
BridgePU:   ACH2 bridge pu 
HW Color:   CH

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