Ibanez AMV10A-TCL Artcore Vintage AM in Distressed Tobacco Burst

IDR 8,740,000.00


Ibanez have released some very shiny new looking guitars recently but this is something different. The Artcore Vintage Antique has a great, old fashioned look to it with some very well applied relicing for that "seen it all" look.

This looks like the guitar you find in that strange second hand shop and end up making a regular part of your gig line up. Its got character, a really vintage style and its finished really well.

Classic Elite pickups

Unlike the high gain alnico pickups on recent Ibanez models the Classic Elite humbuckers are more low key. They have a jazzy vibe to them with an easy, warm tone. This guitar is responsive and makes the best of all the subtlety in your finger picking.

Vintage Relic Look

The relicing on this guitar is stunningly applied. The scratches and dings have a very genuine look about them. Ibanez have also continued this across the hardware and plastics. The pickups have an old fashioned antique effect and the inlays are vintage colour.

Here's what Ibanez have to say

The vintage guitar aesthetic is very popular amongst guitarists, who will often spend a high sum in order for a new guitar to look aged, or “relic’d”. Now, Ibanez proudly offers an alternative; visually-distressed guitars with an affordable price as mass production models. The “damage” is processed not only on the body, but also on the guitar’s hardware. The aged parts are used for knobs, fretboard inlays and brand logo, giving the Artcore Vintage a convincingly aged appearance. The “lightly relic’d” AMV10A comes equipped with Classic Elite pickups, which offer moderate output, warm tone and responsive low-end.


  • Neck type: Artcore Mahogany Set-In neck
  • Body: Maple
  • Fretboard: Bound rosewood fretboard w/aged white block inlay
  • Fret: Medium frets
  • Bridge: Art 1 Bridge
  • Neck pickup: Classic Elite H neck pickup
  • Bridge pickup: Classic Elite H neck pickup
  • Hardware color: Antique Chrome

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