Ibanez ART Standard ART120QA - Sunburst

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Classic Look with Modern Tones

Well-rounded electronics and a figured maple top make the Ibanez ART120QA a smart alternative to the familiar single-cut. The tonally balanced maple and poplar body is very light and won't weigh you down during exuberant sets. The set-in maple neck and purpleheart fingerboard are easy to play, whether you're ripping solos or fretting chords. Classic Elite humbucking pickups give this axe its full, mature tone. Kick on your overdrive, and the pickups deliver a wild, snarling tone. A familiar 3-way switch covers major tonal ground with depth, maturity, and dimensionality to please choosy players. Two other ART series mainstays, the Full Tune III bridge and tailpiece, maximize vibrational transfer from stem to stern.

Classic Elite humbucking pickups

If you're looking for maturity from your pickups, the ART120QA's Classic Elite humbuckers will be a welcomed upgrade. They produce rich and smooth tones that transition to snarling and wild under high gain. The tonal versatility makes it easy for you to play multiple genres in one sitting without having to switch instruments. The Classic Elites are sure to please fans of the traditional single-cut guitar.

Lightweight body with eye-catching top

The Ibanez Standard ART120QA is made with a poplar body. Poplar is a tonewood that's valued for its balanced, open tone and extremely light weight. As such, when you sling this axe over your shoulder, you'll be able to nail a long set or practice session without any shoulder discomfort. Add a striking quilted maple top into the mix, and you've got a recipe for a good-looking instrument that won't drag you down onstage.

Set-in maple neck and purpleheart fingerboard

Musicians around Sweetwater admire the Ibanez Standard ART120QA for its effortlessly playable maple neck and purpleheart fingerboard. The maple neck has a set-in construction that efficiently transfers the vibrations from the neck into the body, increasing resonance. This construction technique gives the guitar a warm tone and impressive sustain that is hard to find with bolt-on models.

Ibanez Standard ART120QA Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Classic single-cut styling looks and feels great to play
  • Lightweight poplar body won't weigh you down onstage
  • Classic Elite humbucking pickups deliver rich, full tones
  • Quilted maple top entraps the eyes
  • Set-in maple neck adds extra resonance
  • Purpleheart fingerboard adds extra bite to the attack
  • Quik Change III tailpiece makes string changes easy

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