Ibanez Axion Label RG60ALS - Black Aurora Burst Matte

IDR 18,472,000.00


Focused on Performance

The Ibanez RG60ALS is the latest addition to the Axion Label series of solidbody guitars. Built with metal and prog players in mind, these guitars showcase velvety playability and produce incredible tones. It has a comfortably carved nyatoh body and extremely playable Nitro Wizard neck. Under the hood, it gets its tone from a roaring DiMarzio Fusion Edge humbucker in the bridge and a Sustainiac system in the neck position. For your playing joy, a rock-solid Edge Zero II tremolo bridge enables extremely expressive performance without knocking you out of tune. The Ibanez Axion Label RG60ALS has all the tones and playability that today’s player demands. Be careful though, once you pick it up, you’ll have trouble putting it down.

Super-fast Nitro Wizard neck

The Nitro Wizard neck is one of Ibanez’s fastest necks to date. Built to enable blistering speed and unmatched comfort, it has a 5-piece panga panga/walnut construction and a satin finish that won’t stick to your hand during long sessions. The slim carve enables you to pull off lightning-fast runs and arpeggios with ease, but still gives you enough substance to comfortably fret chords. From the first time you get the RG60ALS’s neck in your hand, you’ll know that this guitar was built with performance in mind.

Sustainiac neck pickup brings the noise

For unending sustain and almost unlimited creative potential, a Sustainiac pickup is located in the neck position. When engaged, the Sustainiac gives you the option to have a fundamental note ring forth indefinitely or add harmonic feedback to your signal. The Sustainiac system has two mini-toggle controls. The first turns the system on and off, while the second provides you with a 3-way switch to choose between Fundamental, Mix, and Harmonic modes. For the adventurous player, there’s simply no substitute for a Sustainiac pickup.

DiMarzio Fusion Edge bridge pickup brings the ruckus

The Axion Label RG60ALS is loaded with a DiMarzio Fusion Edge humbucking pickup. Characterized by a massive low end and tight midrange, these passive pickups provide a well-defined growl through a dirty amp. Swap over to your clean channel and these pickups become well-behaved and deliver snappy cleans that will make your bandmates jealous. If you’re looking for extra punch and crunch, DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickup is absolutely ideal.

Solid performance and stability from the Edge-Zero II tremolo

The Edge-Zero II was designed by Ibanez to give you the fast tremolo response and snap you need to pull off sharp bends and flutters. The stud lock function is also one of the many reason’s this knife-edge-style trem is a favorite among many of today’s top shredders. And the low profile never gets in the way of furious picking. If you’re looking for a guitar that can stand up to long playing sessions without losing its tuning, you’re going to love the RG60ALS!

Ibanez Axion Label RG60ALS Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Carved nyatoh body provides hours of comfortable playing time
  • Sustainiac neck pickup delivers limitless sustain and wicked lead tone
  • DiMarzio Fusion Edge bridge pickup provides high output tones that are perfect for metal
  • Jumbo Sub Zero treated frets are more resistant to wear and tear
  • Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge enables expressive performance
  • 5-piece Nitro Wizard neck is fast and very comfortable
  • Play expressively while maintaining your tuning stability with the Edge-Zero II tremolo
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