Ibanez Genesis Collection RG565 - Fluorescent Orange

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A Worthy Reissue of a Hard Rock Classic

For many players, the Ibanez RG represents the epitome of shred guitar, combining explosive tone with eminent playability. The Ibanez Genesis Collection RG565 delivers everything technical players love about the RG line, from its fast-playing Super Wizard neck and expressive Edge tremolo to its sleek looks and versatile pair of Infinity humbucking pickups. With a 5-way switch selector, you can explore high-octane humbucking tones, coil-tapped single-coil tones, and series/parallel options — there's more sonic range to explore here than some 3-pickup guitars offer. Complete with jumbo frets and an Edge tremolo system, the Ibanez Genesis Collection RG565 is a magnificent continuation of the RG's storied heritage.

Incredibly fast Super Wizard neck

Back in 1987, the original RG550 featured a 1-piece maple Wizard neck. The Genesis Collection RG565 takes that design to the next level with a 5-piece maple/walnut Super Wizard neck. You'll be able to execute lightning-fast runs, arpeggios, tapping licks, and hammer-ons with ease. Capping the Super Wizard neck is a 24-fret maple fretboard, loaded with jumbo frets that are perfect for big note bends. Beyond that, the Genesis Collection RG565 features a classic-style tilt neck joint with a stamped metal plate, rather than the sculpted All Access neck joint found on most modern RGs. If you crave the feel of a classic RG, you'll love the RG565.

Wide-ranging Infinity pickups

With an Infinity V8 alnico humbucker in the bridge position, and an Infinity R ceramic humbucker in the neck position, the Genesis Collection RG565 offers the sonic versatility the RG line is known for. Guitarists are impressed with the pickup combinations offered by the 5-way selector switch. Position one gives you the bridge humbucker; position two combines both pickups, while also coil tapping them for single-coil tonality. Position three combines both pickups in humbucking mode. Position four selects the neck pickup and puts its coils in parallel configuration. Position five presents the neck pickup in series mode. The bottom line? There's a lot more range here than you may expect from a dual-humbucker guitar.

Rock-solid Edge tremolo

When it comes to maximum expressive potential, nothing beats the range of a double-locking tremolo — and the Ibanez Edge tremolo found in the Genesis Collection RG565 is one of the best. Manufactured for Ibanez by Gotoh, the Edge tremolo delivers reliable action and rock-solid tuning stability. The response is fast and precise, and the ultra-smooth feel of the low-profile saddles is perfect for palm muting.

Ibanez Genesis Collection RG565 Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Basswood body produces a warm, growling tone with defined mids
  • 5-piece maple/walnut Super Wizard neck feels fast and precise
  • Classic-style tilt neck joint with stamped metal plate provides classic RG feel
  • Alnico/ceramic pickup combination with 5-way switching yields a wide range of harmonic-rich tones
  • Ibanez Edge locking tremolo offers extreme expressive potential with rock-solid tuning stability and intonation

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