Ibanez Iron Label RGIB21 - Black

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The Baritone with an Incredibly Aggressive Voice

When you're seeking a heavier, more aggressive guitar tone, a baritone guitar often does the trick. When you're looking for pure tonal hostility, pick up the Ibanez Iron Label RGIB21 baritone electric guitar. Its 28" scale length serves up incredibly powerful fundamental tones, and it's equipped with a pair of EMG active humbuckers to hit your amplifier with plenty of bite too. From the factory, it's tuned B to B, and the longer scale length easily handles even lower tunings. Ask any guitarist at Sweetwater and they'll confirm that the Ibanez Iron Label RGIB21 is a simple solution for incredibly heavy, aggressive tone.

Your fingers will fly on this super-fast Nitro Baritone neck

One of Ibanez's fastest necks to date, the Nitro Baritone neck on the Iron Label RGIB21 is an absolute pleasure to play. This slim and super-comfortable neck lets you pull off lighting-fast runs and arpeggios with ease, but still gives you the substance you need for fretting chords. From the first time wrap your hand around the RGIB21's Nitro Wizard neck, you'll know you've got a guitar that was built with performance in mind.

RG playability, with fixed-bridge stability

While you may expect to see a vibrato tailpiece on an Ibanez RG, the Iron Label RGIB21 sports a Gibraltar Standard II fixed bridge — a dream come true if you prefer a hardtail axe. The Gibraltar has an ultra-low profile to give you the comfort of a traditional RG floating trem, with the exceptional stability and reliability you can only get from a fixed bridge. If you've always wanted an RG-series guitar, but prefer not to mess with a floating bridge, the Iron Label RGIB21 was made just for you.

Active EMGs onboard for serious tone

The Ibanez Iron Label RGIB21 is fitted with a pair of hot active humbuckers — an EMG 60 in the neck position and an EMG 81 at the bridge, a classic combo. There's a reason top metal guitarists use active pickups: they rock. Hard. The '81 has become a first-call lead pickup choice for some of the most respected metal guitarists of all time, while the '60 provides the perfect tonal complement.

Ibanez Iron Label RGIB21 Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Baritone guitar with the comfortable, resonant basswood RG body
  • Fast and smooth Nitro Baritone neck with luminescent side dot inlays for visibility on stage
  • Precise, aggressive tone from EMG active humbucking pickups
  • Impressive sustain and precise intonation from the Gibraltar Standard II fixed bridge
  • Handles lowered tunings with ease, tuned B to B from the factory

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