Ibanez Joe Satriani Signature JS2410 - Sky Blue

IDR 34,480,000.00


Endless Sonic Shapeshifting Courtesy of Joe Satriani's Signature Guitar

Plug in with the Ibanez JS2410, and you'll instantly realize you're holding a precision musical instrument. Tailor-made for next-level fretboard pyrotechnics, this top-of-the-line Satriani-style electric guitar features an ultra-fast-playing 3-piece maple/bubinga JS neck. Ibanez's Prestige fret edge treatment only adds to the fluid feel of this guitar. Whether you’re executing warp-speed legato runs or wild arpeggio tapping techniques, you'll appreciate the harmonic-laden, super-colossal tones of the JS2410's DiMarzio humbuckers. You also get a push-pull coil-split and a highpass filter for easy sonic shapeshifting, and an Edge tremolo that's primed for serious whammy bar abuse. The JS2410 includes a head-turning finish with a matching headstock and attractive chrome hardware.

Thin, rigid neck and treated frets for maximum playability

You'll find that the JS neck profile on the JS2410 gives you a solid fretting foundation while allowing you to play as fast as you like. Also, it's a 3-piece maple/bubinga neck, which is more rigid — and transfers vibration better — than a 1-piece neck. What's more, the feel of this neck is enhanced by Ibanez's Prestige fret-edge treatment, an extra step to ensure maximum playing comfort and long-term playability. The process essentially rounds the fret ends much more precisely than is possible by hand filing. The guitarists have discovered that the more you play the JS2410, the more "right" it feels.

Dual DiMarzio pickups serve up unexpected tonal versatility

With its pair of high-output DiMarzio humbuckers, the Ibanez JS2410 is ready to make any guitar amplifier sing or scream with powerful, beefy tone. There's a single-coil-sized Satch Track humbucker at the neck and a Mo' Joe humbucker at the bridge — each chosen for their tonal tenacity and strong output. And if you need the snap and chime you can only get from single-coil pickups, just tug on the push-pull tone switch. You also get a highpass filter that's activated by a push-pull volume switch, enabling you to maintain your high-frequency edge when you've got your volume rolled back.

Edge tremolo provides expressive pitch pyrotechnics

When it comes to maximum expressive potential, nothing beats the range of a double-locking tremolo — and the Ibanez Edge tremolo found in the JS2410 is one of the best. Manufactured for Ibanez by Gotoh, the Edge tremolo delivers reliable action and rock-solid tuning stability. The response is fast and precise, and the super-smooth feel of the low-profile saddles is perfect for palm muting.

Ibanez JS2410 Joe Satriani Signature Features:

  • Joe Satriani Signature guitar, designed for maximum playability and tonal diversity
  • 3-piece maple/bubinga neck with JS profile provides exceptional playability
  • DiMarzio Satch Track and Mo' Joe humbuckers serve up harmonic-laden, super-colossal tone
  • Push-pull coil-split and highpass filter permit easy sonic shapeshifting
  • Medium frets have the Prestige edge treatment, giving them a smoother, rounder feel
  • Fast, precise performance from the ultra-stable Edge tremolo
  • Head-turning finish with matching headstock
  • Attractive chrome hardware
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