Ibanez Prestige RG752AHM - Royal Plum Burst

IDR 22,000,000.00


Showstopping 7-string Speed Demon

Prestigious in name and quality, the Ibanez Prestige RG752AHM Electric Guitar is your next workhorse built for heavy use and tonal versatility. The combination of a solid ash body and bolt-on 5-piece maple/wenge neck imbues eye-popping good looks and excellent tone, accented with a fast-playing Wizard 7 neck profile and birdseye maple fingerboard. Are you looking for more tonal options than your typical 7-string axe? The DiMarzio PAF 7 humbuckers deliver full-range sonic capabilities, ideal for a variety of playing styles and especially perfect for either a clean and crunchy tone. The Lo-Pro Edge 7 bridge will withstand even the heaviest tremolo abuse — it's capable of handling every trick in the book from dives and dips to warbles, all while staying in tune.

Good looks, incredible sound, effortless playability

It’s easy to see why so many world-class musicians exclusively play Ibanez guitars — they are visually stunning! But these good looks serve more than an aesthetic purpose: the RG752AHM is constructed with top-notch tonewoods to deliver excellent resonance and sustain while feeling sturdy in your hands. The solid ash body delivers a bright tone connected to a sleek bolt-on 5-piece maple and wenge neck. Ibanez’s Wizard 7 neck profile makes fast playing a breeze, and the birdseye maple fingerboard produces a stellar snap with sustain for days.

PAF 7 Humbuckers deliver a full spectrum of sonic options

Ibanez and DiMarzio go hand in hand, combining high-quality construction with incredible tone to create beautiful, stellar-sounding instruments. The RG752AHM comes stock with two PAF 7 humbuckers, a classic-voiced pickup that’s sure to shine in all guitar positions. Employing the same technology as their Virtual Vintage series, DiMarzio PAF 7 pickups are tailor-made for clean, open lows, and warm highs while retaining that classic ’50s feel. Sweetwater guitarists are impressed with the PAF 7’s versatility when used with distortion and fuzz, which fully displays these pickups’ ability to growl, bark, and bite when pushed to the limit.

Bend and twist with the Lo-Pro Edge 7 bridge

Equipped with a Lo-Pro Edge 7 tremolo bridge, the RG752AHM is fully prepared for wild dives and warbles without wavering in pitch. The locking nut design keeps your tuning stable during even the most enthusiastic shred sessions, so you can go to town without going flat, and the tremolo bar has a smooth and responsive feel for expressive performances.

Ibanez Prestige RG752AHM Electric Guitar Features:

  • Solid ash body produces a bright tone
  • 5-piece maple/wenge bolt-on neck delivers stability and snappy attack
  • Shred-ready Wizard 7 neck profile
  • Birdseye maple fingerboard feels silky and smooth to the touch
  • DiMarzio 7 PAF humbuckers perfect for everything from classic rock to crushing metal
  • Lo-Pro Edge 7 tremolo bridge makes deep dives easy while staying in tune
  • High-quality Gotoh tuners
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