Ibanez RG8570Z J Custom - Chrysocolla

IDR 36,000,000.00


Hardware and Finish
The body of the RG8570Z J Custom is equipped with an Edge Zero tremolo bridge with the Zero Point 3 system, giving you total mastery over your vibrato for executing deep divebombs and soaring wailing. The hardware setup on this model is the stuff of legend, and no matter how much you through at the RG8570Z, it will retain its tuning integrity and keep on coming back for more. With sustain that rings out for days and intonation that is always on point, this is the ultimate touring model for those who want custom build quality without taking out a second mortgage.

Beautiful Japanese-built model that is the stuff of dreams
Body constructed from mahogany for tonal depth and warmth
Completed using a stylish AAA flamed maple top
Lightning fast Super Wizard 5-piece maple/wenge neck
Sumptuous fretboard decorated with tree of life inlays
Trio of DiMarzio pickups deliver a powerful sonic arsenal
Edge-Zero tremolo bridge with Zero Point System 3
Cosmo black hardware complements the finish beautifully
Includes a hardshell case to protect guitar at home and on the go

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