Ibanez RGIT20FE-SBF RG Iron Label in Sapphire Blue Flat

IDR 14,290,000.00


The Ibanez RG1T20FE is at the top of the Iron Label series with a no nonsense design and build that will keep on working no matter what. Fitted with the latest heavy hitting hardware for rock and metal sounds that will blow any audience away this guitar is a serious piece of kit that will not let you down.

Neck Through Design

Unlike a lot of RG guitars the RGIT20FE doesn't feature a bolt on neck. Instead they have gone for a very thin nitro wizard 7 piece maple/walnut neck through design. This increases sustain and upper fret access as you no longer need to glue the neck into the body where the higher frets are. Instead it has 2 ash wings glued on either side to make up the rest of the RG body. Until you play a guitar with a neck through design you do not know what you are missing.

Legendary EMG Pickups

Active pickups have been a part of metal and hard rock for a long time and none are as popular as the legendary EMG 60 and EMG 81 set. Used across every kind of metal you can think of these EMG pickups deliver incredible clarity under a lot of gain that is needed for when you really want to crank up your amplifier.

No More Noise

We have all made the mistake of turning up to a gig without our beloved noise gate or other volume killing pedal. They are useful for making sure that in between sections your not filling the stage with a lot of noise from your guitar. With the RGIT20FE you don't have to worry as there is a kill switch built in to the guitar which will instantly cut off your guitars signal.

This kill switch can also be used musically as well. if you have ever listened to Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine or Buckethead play you have probably heard them use a kill switch at some point to get a sharp strobe almost tremolo like effect on their guitar.


  • neck type:  Nitro Wizard 7pc Maple/Walnut neck-thru
  • body:  Ash wing body
  • fretboard:  Ebony fretboard
  • fret:  Jumbo frets
  • bridge:  Gibraltar Standard II bridge
  • neck pu:  EMG 60 (H) neck pu (Active/Ceramic)
  • bridge pu:  EMG 81 (H) bridge pu (Active/Ceramic)
  • hardware color:  Cosmo black
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