Ibanez Standard RGA742FM - Transparent Gray Flat

IDR 7,656,000.00


Fast and Furious

Featuring a fast maple Wizard II-7 neck and jatoba fingerboard with a 15.7-inch radius, the Ibanez Standard RGA742FM Electric Guitar is purposely built for high-speed, low-drag playing. It all starts with a perfectly balanced RG meranti body topped with gorgeous flamed maple. You'll love how this guitar sounds as soon as you plug it in — it's outfitted with two Quantum-7 humbucking pickups and a coil tap switch, making it ideal for metal, rock, and blues. If you're searching for a guitar that won't hold you back, Sweetwater has your axe: the Ibanez RGA742FM.

Classic RG performance

The Ibanez RG series of guitars has remained a standard in rock music for the last couple of decades, thanks to the effortless playability of its Wizard II-7 neck. Switching between aggressive rhythm playing and fluid lead lines is effortless on this slim-profile neck. The guitarists here at Sweetwater love the feel and playability of Ibanez's RG guitars. You will, too!

Fixed bridge stability for rock-solid tuning

The Ibanez RGA742FM sports a fixed bridge, which means no tuning hassles due to a floating vibrato. From standard to lowered tunings, your guitar's tuning will be more stable, along with looser string tension. When you change tunings at a gig, you'll be ready to rock without messing with the bridge or locking nuts.

Gargantuan tonal range

With two Quantum-7 humbucking pickups and 5-way switching, you'll be able to shape your tone any way you like on the RGA742FM. With its aggressive visuals and high output, it will forever be known as a rock guitar; however, the RGA742FM's fast playability and tonal variety make it a great instrument for almost any style.

Ibanez Standard RGA742FM Electric Guitar Features:

  • Classic Ibanez RG playability and looks at a wallet-friendly price
  • Well-balanced meranti body topped with gorgeous flamed maple
  • Fast 3-piece maple Wizard II-7 neck lets you set your own speed limit
  • 2 Quantum-7 humbucking pickups and 5-way switching for a wide tonal range
  • Fixed bridge gives you top-notch tuning stability
  • An iconic rock guitar, but with playability that's perfect for blues and jazz too
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