Jackson JS Series JS32 RR Randy Rhoads with Amaranth FB in Natural

IDR 8,200,000.00


This Rhoads Is Swift, Deadly, and Surprisingly Affordable

The Jackson JS Series Rhoads MAH JS32 puts the high-performance, offset V-shaped axe that started it all in your hands at a budget-friendly price. Built around a lightweight, resonant mahogany body, the Rhoads MAH JS32 is teeming with heavy metal attitude. And it sounds just as aggressive, thanks to its high-output ceramic humbuckers. Plug into your favorite high-gain amplifier, and you’ll be flying high with thick, punchy chords and biting, sizzling leads. What’s more, the Rhoads MAH JS32’s graphite-reinforced neck and fat-fretted, compound-radius amaranth fingerboard enable you to unleash absolute fury without fretting out. Up for some whammy bar abuse? If that’s the case, the Rhoads MAH JS32’s licensed Floyd Rose tremolo is guaranteed to send you over the mountain. The JS Series Rhoads MAH JS32 includes an attractive satin natural finish and head-turning gold hardware.

Jackson high-output pickups for ultra-hot tone

Looking for rock-solid metal tone? The JS Series Rhoads MAH JS32 delivers the goods. That’s because Jackson hooked up the Rhoads MAH JS32 with a pair of their custom-built ceramic-magnet humbuckers. These high-output pickups give you plenty of punch and serious bite — just what you need to take a ride on the crazy train.

Compound-radius fretboard delivers maximum playing comfort and performance

The Jackson JS Series Rhoads MAH JS32 features a 12-inch to 16-inch compound-radius fretboard for ultimate playability. This bound amaranth fingerboard — complete with signature Jackson shark fin inlays — is rounder near the nut for easy rhythm playing. As your playing heats up and moves up the Rhoads MAH JS32’s fretboard, the radius flattens out for easier runs and big string bends. With a neck that plays this slick, you’ll be up at the 24th fret in zero flat.

If looks could kill . . .

If you’re after a guitar that looks as mean as it sounds, then we have your axe. The Rhoads body shape alone is enough to convey instant attitude. Throw in an arched top, Jackson’s distinctive pointy headstock, and shark fin inlays, and you’ve got one arresting-looking guitar. The JS Series Rhoads MAH JS32 is not only one of the sharpest-looking guitars around, it’s a serious axe wielder’s instrument of sonic destruction.

Jackson JS Series Rhoads MAH JS32 Features:

  • A high-performance electric guitar at an amazing price
  • Lightweight, resonant mahogany offset V-shaped body conveys instant attitude
  • Dual Jackson custom humbuckers deliver hard-hitting high-gain tone
  • Compound-radius amaranth fingerboard feels great for rhythm and lead playing
  • Slender graphite-reinforced maple neck keeps your action fast
  • Licensed Floyd Rose tremolo enables trouble-free whammy bar abuse
  • Attractive satin natural finish and head-turning gold hardware
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