Kramer Nightswan in Jet Black Metallic

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A Legendary 1980s Classic Returns

Originally a signature guitar in the 1980s, the Kramer Nightswan is a true shredder’s delight. And who’s signature model was it? Let’s just say that this sweet-savage axe-wielder was a real holy diver. This made-for-performance double-cutaway boasts a head-turning metallic finish, but it wasn’t built for show — unless it’s to show off your chops. It’s C-shaped, 3-piece maple neck is unlike any other guitar you’ll ever pick up, while its ruler-flat 16”-radius ebony fingerboard ensures lightning-fast playability. Plug into any high-gain monstrosity, and you’ll be greeted by classic hot-rodded humbucker tones, courtesy of two Seymour Duncan JB pickups. No guitar would be shred-worthy without a double-locking tremolo, and the Nightswan includes the gold standard — a Floyd Rose. The Nightswan features rock-solid deluxe tuners, stylish fingerboard inlays, and an era-defining reverse banana-style headstock.

High-performance shred machine with mind-bending looks

While the Nightswan’s eye-grabbing look tends to hog most of the attention, lurking under this solidbody electric guitar’s head-turning metallic finish is a high-performance shred machine. Its resonant mahogany body is chock-full of warmth and sustain. Its 3-piece hard-rock maple neck boasts an eminently playable C shape, with a flat middle portion and sharp curves that melt into your hand. Its lightning-fast 16”-radius ebony fingerboard features a 24.75” scale and 24 medium-jumbo frets. The Nightswan sports pearloid fingerboard inlays in a unique wave pattern, plus a reverse banana-style headstock with a gold pyramid logo.

Seymour Duncan hot-rodded humbuckers — built to rock hard

Kramer’s Nightswan was built for hard rock. And it rocks hard, thanks to its Seymour Duncan JB humbuckers — one at the bridge and one in the middle position. This pickup is one of the most popular in the world, serving up the classic sound of a hot-rodded humbucker. You know, that sound — the one we've all loved for the last 30 years. This scorcher boasts plenty of output without sacrificing tone, and it adds harmonics, sustain, and the perfect amount of distortion to your playing. The Nightswan includes a volume knob and 3-way pickup toggle, unlocking a multitude of high-octane tones.

Floyd Rose tremolo for twisting, bending, and dive-bombing

Do you dive-bomb? Shriek? Squeal? Flutter? Of course you do! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking at shred machines like the Nightswan. Similar to other high-performance solidbody electric guitars, the Nightswan comes equipped with a rock-solid Floyd Rose double-locking trem. It can be used for subtle vibrato or full-blown dive bombs — the choice is yours. Either way, you’ll experience the same response and tuning stability that you'd expect from a Floyd Rose. Whether you use it or abuse it, you'll have trouble knocking the Nightswan out of tune.

Kramer Nightswan Features:

  • Based on a 1980s-era shred classic with a head-turning metallic finish
  • Resonant mahogany body is chock-full of warmth and sustain
  • 3-piece hard-rock maple neck with an eminently playable C shape
  • Lightning-fast 16”-radius ebony fingerboard with a 24.75” scale and 24 medium-jumbo frets
  • Dual Seymour Duncan JB humbuckers boast plenty of output without sacrificing tone
  • Volume knob and 3-way pickup toggle unlock a multitude of high-octane tones
  • Floyd Rose 1000 Series double-locking trem for dive-bombing, shrieking, squealing, and fluttering
  • Rock-solid deluxe machine heads with a 14:1 turning ratio
  • Attention-grabbing pearloid fingerboard inlays in a unique wave pattern
  • Slick-looking reverse banana-style headstock with a gold pyramid logo

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