Orange Rocker 15 Terror 15-watt 2-channel Tube Head

IDR 7,400,000.00


A legend continues to evolve
The truest representative for what your guitar and pedals sound like is your amp. Turning 50 next year, Orange Music has become a legend in the world of amps for consistently designing amps that translate the outgoing signals from your guitar and pedals into amazing amplified tone. This reputation has won over dozens of legendary guitarists over the years, from Jimmy Page to Billy Gibbons. The Rocker 15 Terror head is one more stellar example of Orange excellence.

Orange Rocker Terror 15 Features:
Twin Channels for clean and gritty modes let you explore
Valve buffered effects loop gives you a variety of clean, crunchy effects
Headroom/bedroom switch lets you move between 15, 7, 1 or even half a watt
Effects loop feature gives you even more options for stylistic exploration

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