Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR S Passive with Sustainiac - Dragon Burst

IDR 11,400,000.00


Floyd Rose 1500 Series bridge/tailpiece for expression
Schecter loaded the Hellraiser Passive C-1 FR S with a Floyd Rose 1500 Series tremolo bridge. A remake of the original Floyd Rose blade tremolo, this incredible bridge lets you grab on, rock out, and never worry about your tuning stability. The guitarists here at Sweetwater rely on Floyd Rose tremolos for the rock-solid reliability and tight response we need for precision playing, along with expressive vibrato and dive-bombing capability.

Schecter Hellraiser Passive C-1 FR S Features:
Resonant mahogany body offers a great tonal foundation
Gorgeous quilted maple top adds loads of bite and sustain
Brimstone-Six bridge humbucker run the full gamut between expressive cleans and amp-pulverizing high output
Sustainiac neck pickup delivers limitless sustain and wicked lead tone
Super-slim Thin "C" neck with fast-playing rosewood fingerboard
Floyd Rose 1500 Series tremolo provides rock-solid reliability
Eye-catching abalone Gothic Cross fingerboard inlays and black hardware

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