Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR - Shell Pink Pearl

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A Superstrat at a Super Price

Taking its cues from the golden age of heavily modded Superstrats in the 1980s, the Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR is a high-output shred machine that will appeal to lovers of heavy metal and progressive rock. From its black hardware to its painted headstock and Floyd Rose Special tremolo, the Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR has all of the visual hallmarks of its predecessors. But it's equipped with newly designed SQR Atomic ceramic humbuckers, yielding a blistering voice all its own. If you’re in search of a well-priced Superstrat with killer looks and a massive sound, heartily recommends the Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR!

Explosive Squier SQR Atomic humbuckers

Loaded with a pair of Squier’s specially designed SQR Atomic humbuckers, the Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR has an explosive tone that's ideal for heavy styles of music. These ceramic humbuckers also feature coil-splitting options to get two searing single-coil sounds on positions 2 and 4 of the Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR’s 5-way switch. For radioactive leads, concussive chords, or anything in between, the Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR has you covered!

Dive-bombable Floyd Rose Special tremolo system

If you're looking for a Strat that can take heavy vibrato abuse without dropping tune, the Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR is up your alley. Its Floyd Rose Special bridge and locking nut together net you the buttery-smooth bending action only a real Floyd can deliver, all with the peace of mind that comes from virtually never having to worry about your strings pulling out of tune.

Fast-playing roasted maple "C" shape neck

Lead players will enjoy exploring the Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR's quick, comfortable roasted maple neck, whose 12-inch radiused fingerboard flattens out toward the body to facilitate faster playing styles. Jumbo frets make bends and vibrato a cinch, too. Need a great-playing axe with inspiring stock tones to match? Check out the Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH from Sweetwater.

Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR Features:

  • Inspired by the player-modded Fender Contemporary Strat of the mid-1980s
  • Squier SQR Atomic humbuckers with coil-tap options
  • Simple control set: Volume, Tone, and 3-way selector
  • Floyd Rose-licensed double-locking tremolo stabilizes tuning no matter how hard you play
  • Fast, comfortable Slim "C" maple neck with 12-inch radiused fingerboard and jumbo frets
  • Painted '70s-era jumbo headstock with chrome logo
  • Premium black hardware

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