Squier Contemporary Telecaster RH - Shoreline Gold

IDR 7,800,000.00


An Affordable, Fire-breathing Axe

With its timeless Tele design, modern simplicity, and full-throttle tone, the Squier Contemporary Telecaster RH packs a wallop of a punch at an incredible price point. Its lightweight poplar body is eye-catching, accented with a roasted maple neck and fingerboard for optimal sustain and playability. With an SQR Rail humbucker in the bridge and an Atomic humbucker in the neck, the Contemporary Tele RH is ready to unleash fury, with plenty of versatility for any playing situation. The sleek polyurethane finish and stylish accents are sure to impress audiences and fellow musicians alike, with black touches adding a dash of class from head to heel. The Tele has long enjoyed cult-like status — it’s your turn to tap into that mystique with the affordable Squier Contemporary Telecaster RH.

Fast-playing, durable tonewoods

Not only does the Contemporary Tele RH possess show-stopping good looks, Squier cut no corners in crafting a durable, gig-worthy guitar. At its core sits a sturdy poplar body, with a lightweight design prepared to take your performances to the next level. Get your hands on this Tele, and you’ll immediately notice its smooth and snappy-sounding roasted maple neck, with its comfortable “C” profile perfect for relaxed marathon sessions. Top it off with a fast-playing roasted maple fingerboard, and you get a Squier that stretches its affordable price tag to the fullest extent without compromise.

High-octane Humbuckers

To complement this Tele's high-quality construction, Squier equipped the Contemporary RH with roaring SQR Rail and Atomic Humbuckers. Although visually similar to a single-coil pup, the SQR Rail in the bridge is anything but, capable of blistering, massive sound with zero hum. Tear through a few chords and you’ll unleash a full spectrum of tonal capabilities, complete with beefy, punchy lows and shimmering highs ideal for a wide variety of genres and styles. If you’re looking for a new go-to guitar, the perfect backup for performances, or inspiring new sounds, add the Contemporary Tele RH to your collection.

Premium looks at a wallet-friendly price

First impressions are of the utmost importance, and needless to say, the Squier Contemporary Telecaster RH is bound to turn heads. Combining modern playability, excellent tone, and Fender’s iconic design, the Contemporary Tele has it all, down to the stealthy black hardware, painted headstock, and chrome logos. A guitar this exceptional would normally run you a pretty penny. Purchase your Contemporary Telecaster RH today and you're getting a world-class, wallet-friendly workhorse.

Squier Contemporary Telecaster RH Features:

  • Lightweight poplar body with a gloss polyurethane finish
  • Silky roasted maple neck and fingerboard
  • Comfortable “C” shape neck profile
  • Fiery SQR Rail and Atomic humbuckers
  • Blacked-out hardware with a painted headstock and chrome logos
  • 6-saddle standard through-body bridge
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