Valeton GP 200 LT Multi Effect Processor

IDR 3,976,000.00


GP-200LT "Multi Effect Processor" - LITE IS MIGHT

GP-200LT is the LITE version of the GP-200, a swift drifting, a smooth racing. With its compact size and portable design, this burden lifter allows you to pick out your favorite sound and clear out just enough physical space, making it easy to fit into any pedalboard, and help you mix and match with any setup you prefer.

- Compact size, uncompromised sound quality
- The GREAT interface on the desk
- NO HARM DONE to any tone
- Versatile I/Os
- 20 buttons and knobs, missile's PRECISION
- Your EYES love the visual, your BRAIN loves the interface
- Effects chain without a "CHAIN"
- A loyal ASSISTANT of your inspiration
- The editor, more like the MANAGER - Application Scenarios

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