Walrus Audio Meraki Analog Stereo Delay in Blacked Out Limited Edition

IDR 10,200,000.00


Introducing the Meraki Stereo Analog Dual Delay. A true stereo analogue delay with eight of the highly coveted MN3005 bucket brigade chips to create warm, rich repeats capable of 1200ms of delay time. This has become a passion project for Walrus Audio and they're incredibly proud of their team's work on this. During development, it was not uncommon to sit down to test features and then suddenly look up and realize they'd been playing it for 45 minutes. With independent controls for each channel, and the ability to have your delay lines run parallel, ping-pong or in series, there are a lot of delay sounds to explore!


  • Parallel, ping-pong and series delay modes 
  • Independently control delay times and tap divisions of the left & right channels
  • Independently control modulation of the left & right channels
  • Center LED behind logo pulses to show mod rate
  • Quarter, dotted eighth and eight-note tap division options
  • MIDI controllable clock, tap, divisions, modulation & more
  • External tap and expression for time or modulation
  • Multiple wave shape & phase options for modulation
  • Tap Tempo with momentary feedback/oscillation 


  • Bypass: True-Bypass or Buffered Bypass for Trails
  • MIDI: Full MIDI support via 5-pin DIN MIDI sockets 
  • Power: 9VDC 500mA, Center-Negative Required
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