Ibanez AZS2209H-PBM Prestige in Prussian Blue Metallic

IDR 30,500,000.00


With an incredible feature-set comprising Seymour Duncan pickups, a Roasted Maple neck, stainless steel frets, Luminlay side dots, Gotoh locking tuners and a genuine bone nut — the Ibanez AZS is the ideal guitar for virtuosos seeking sublime playability and that unmistakable T-style "twang" from a single, beautifully-made instrument with plenty of modern-day refinements.

Traditional Ash Body

Ash is a highly-desirable tonewood that's synonymous with "golden age" vintage electric guitars that were made in the '50s and '60s. That's why Ibanez has used this material to construct the body of its AZS2209H model; underpinning the instrument with rich lows, a smooth mid-range and sickly-sweet highs — playing the perfect host for the flexible single-coil/mini-humbucker pickup configuration.

Ergonomic Construction

A large belly-cut and a deeply-carved forearm contour makes the AZS2209H's body sit naturally against you; increasing playing comfort for practically any scenario. The elegant AZS shape also boasts Ibanez's 'Super All Access' neck joint that provides effortless access to all 22 frets!

Roasted Maple Neck

Many contemporary high-end instruments are fitted with rock-solid Roasted Maple necks, and the AZS is no exception. Via Ibanez's 'S-TECH' special roasted treatment, this process removes all of the natural moisture retained by the neck wood which ultimately darkens the material and makes it far less vulnerable to warping when exposed to varying climates — ensuring incredible stability.

The neck has also been shaped to the unique 'Oval C' profile exclusive to the Ibanez AZ/AZS series', which is sealed with an oil finish that helps it feel similar to a well-played, aged guitar neck.

Stainless Steel Frets

Fitted with hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant stainless steel frets, their wide/tall jumbo design provides maximum control under the fingers for effortless vibrato and pitch-perfect string bends — enhanced with the smooth Prestige fret edge treatment for additional finesse.

Seymour Duncan Pickups

Ibanez has equipped its spellbinding AZS model with high-quality Seymour Duncan pickups — acclaimed for their versatility. The Magic Touch-Mini pickup in the neck position offers superb clarity and punch, yet possesses extra body and articulation — lending itself well to expressive playing techniques. The output level is also carefully configured to perfectly match the potency of the bridge pickup.

Speaking of which, in the bridge position you'll find an Alnico II Pro Custom pickup, which dishes out plenty of power with an addictive vintage-like character. The Seymour Duncan Alnico II projects more mid-range bark than most typical T-type pickups though, making it far more flexible for heavier styles.

dyna-MIX5 Switching System

To get the most out of the beautifully-voiced pickups, the ingenious dyna-MIX5 switching system offers five sonic variations and enables you to easily attain a variety of mixed or parallel pickup sounds — making the Ibanez AZS2209H a tonal chameleon suitable for almost any style!

"In-Tune" Bridge Saddles & Steel Pickup Plate

This particular Ibanez AZS model sports a Gotoh F1803 bridge designed for optimal note sustain and comfort. Featuring ergonomically-grooved 'In-Tune' titanium saddles, these actively prevent each string from slipping to the side for equal spacing at all times, while pre-calculated "intonation points" ensure consistent pitching across the entirety of the fingerboard.

A unique steel pickup plate (made exclusively for the AZS series) is a critical component that helps to generate that quintessential "twangy" tone. This plate, in combination with the traditional style single-coil bridge pickup, preserves this iconic sound across the whole ASZ lineup. 

Gotoh Locking Tuners

The Gotoh Magnum Lock machine heads guarantee incredible tuning stabillity, while significantly cutting down string-changing time so that you can spend more time playing! Its H.A.P. (height adjustable post) system allows for individual adjustment of the string posts, to set the appropriate tension for each string.



  • Body Wood: Ash
  • Body Shape: AZS


  • Neck Type: AZ Oval C/S-TECH Wood Roasted Maple
  • Scale Length: 25.5"
  • Fretboard: S-TECH Wood Roasted Maple w/ Black Dots
  • Radius: 305mm
  • Frets: Jumbo Stainless Steel w/ Prestige Fret Edge Treatment
  • Number of Frets: 22
  • Side Dots: Luminlay
  • String Spacing: 10.5mm
  • Nut: Bone


  • Neck Pickup: Seymour Duncan Magic Touch-Mini Humbucker (Passive/Alnico)
  • Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Custom Single-Coil (Passive/Alnico)
  • Switching: dyna-MIX5 System w/ Alter Switch


  • Bridge: Gotoh F1803
  • Tuners: Gotoh Magnum Lock w/ H.A.P. (Height Adjustable Posts)
  • Hardware Colour: Chrome


  • Strings: D'Addario EXL110
  • String Gauge: .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046
  • Factory Tuning: 1E, 2B, 3G, 4D, 5A, 6E
  • Case: Hardshell
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