Kramer Baretta Special in Purple

IDR 3,125,000.00


A Rock Icon for Everyone

The Kramer Baretta Special solidbody electric guitar delivers rock-ready performance, explosive tone, and big value. It's loaded with an open-coil "zebra" humbucker, builts with Alnico V magnets for a vibrant voice that begs for distortion. And despite its low price, the Baretta Special is equipped with high-quality hardware like Kramer Deluxe die-cast machine heads, and a Kramer Traditional tremolo bridge. Guitarists at Sweetwater love the single volume knob control scheme — it's all you need to rock. Whether you aim to mod it in the future, or love it as-is, the Kramer Baretta Special is sure to exceed your expectations.

Kramer: rocking hard since the '80s

Kramer guitars were at the forefront of the '80s metal scene, with endorsements from pros like Eddie Van Halen, Neil Schon, Richie Sambora, and others. Kramer guitars have been the guitar of choice for some of the hardest rocking guitarists in the world, and you can tap into that experience yourself with the Baretta Special. You're getting more than a great value with the Kramer Baretta Special, you're getting a guitar that's built to rock.

Kramer Baretta Special Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Value-packed reincarnation of the iconic Baretta guitar
  • High-quality hardware includes die-cast tuners and Kramer Traditional tremolo
  • Open-coil "zebra" humbucker with Alnico V magnets packs a punch
  • Real mahogany body and maple neck, a classic tonewood combination
  • Simple control scheme, just a single Master Volume knob

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