Taylor 362ce V-Class Grand Concert 12-String Acoustic Electric in Shaded Edge Burst/Satin Black

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12-string Acoustic-electric Designed for Fingerstyle

Traditionally, 12-string guitars have dreadnought body shapes that produce a powerful and boomy low end. For fingerstyle players, the huge bass response isn’t always desirable. That’s where the Taylor 362ce 12-string acoustic-electric guitar comes in. It’s built with a Grand Concert body shape that tightens up the bass and provides a more balanced tone. This is thanks to the warm mahogany top and sweet treble of the Tasmanian blackwood body. The 362ce has a 12-fret neck joint and condensed 24-7/8" scale length that make the strings feel slinky and easy to fret. Designed for fingerstylists, the Taylor 362ce may be the best-playing 12-string Taylor yet.

Unique tonewood combination produces sweet tone

Taylor has embraced many alternative tonewoods in their quest for creating the perfect acoustic. For the 362ce, Taylor paired a tropical mahogany top with Tasmanian blackwood back and sides. Blackwood, a cousin of koa and a Sweetwater favorite, is known for its rich midrange, clear bass, and singing treble. When combined with the warmth of mahogany, the 362ce showcases a well-balanced tone with a textured voice.

Taylor ES2 electronics deliver natural and dynamic amplified sound

Artists who play plugged in will appreciate the Taylor 362ce’s natural-sounding Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics. This system features a 3-section proprietary pickup located behind the guitar’s saddle to better capture the natural vibrations of the saddle. On the upper bout, you have access to a master Volume, Bass, and Treble controls. Once you plug in your ES2 electronics, you’ll hear the difference.

Cutting-edge bracing pattern

Taylor has been introducing innovations since they burst onto the guitar market. From glue-less neck joints to advanced pickup designs, Taylor consistently brings cutting-edge innovations to traditional guitar-building techniques. V-Class bracing is Taylor’s proprietary bracing pattern that provides a more orderly sound and better intonation. V-Class guitars produce strong volume and sustain much longer than their traditionally braced counterparts.

Taylor 362ce Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • 12-fret neck joint increases tonal warmth and softens string feel
  • Grand Concert body shape is well-suited to fingerstylists
  • Tasmanian blackwood back and sides produce sweet tone
  • Mahogany top adds sustain and warmth
  • Slightly shortened scale length makes notes easy to fret
  • Expression System 2 electronics reproduce a lively plugged-in tone
  • V-Class top bracing produces long sustain
  • Slim mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard feel lovely in your hand
  • Included hardshell case keeps your guitar safe from damage

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